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WWTBAFM OQM – Offline Questions Manager :)

YvanSoftware is coding an offline questions writer for WWTBAFM! that’s very cool for who want to develop questions without access to internet. if you want to add the questions written with this software, you must email me the questions file, specifying the language, and i’ll add it to the database πŸ™‚

here it is the website of this nice project!


WWTBAFM v0.7 is out with a gfx! this is a temporary release, because sephzero will redesign the entire gfx and some animations will be added.

[change log]

  • it uses a gfx! wow!
  • play with the Stylus (keys are no more supported, exeption is Start)
  • the game now will check if you questions’ file has more than 15 question without freeze
  • added a menu

Please add more questions! French and Spanish player still doesn’t have more than 5 questions for each difficulty!

WWTBAFM V0.7 (1) WWTBAFM V0.7 (2) WWTBAFM V0.7 (3)
WWTBAFM V0.7 (4) WWTBAFM V0.7 (5) WWTBAFM V0.7 (6)

who wants to do a new gfx?

i don’t want to wait anymore. everyone that want to help this project can try to do a gfx and starts hope that it will be the official skin of WWTBAFM. This will be a sort of contest. You can send your work at lottiATfastwebnetDOTit. Then i’ll post all the entries and people will choose (by vote) the best skin. πŸ™‚

read the first 3-4 paragraphs of palib’s sprites tutorials

WWTBAFM v0.6 released

well it’s done! it permits to choose the language of the questions but keep in mind that if the selected languages has less than 5 quesions for difficulty, the game freezes. So pls add more question! You can download the new version from the download section on the sidebar menu. enjoy πŸ™‚