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mancalaDS v2.0 as christmas gift

well, i’m waiting for HtheB’s theme song for the last version of mancalaDS.. but i don’t know when he will give it to me and i’m leaving home on 26th of december.. so i publish the latest version of mancalaDS and i hope to upgrade it with theme song the next year 🙂 merry christmas and happy new year to all 🙂

P.S.: i just want to remember how you can help me to improve this new version:
Send me sounds that are in the game (but without noise, high quality). mp3/wav/raw doesn’t make differences.
MancalaDS v2.0
MancalaDS v2.0 Source Code

about MancalaDS v2.0 indiscretions

UPDATE: HtheB will do the theme song for my game.

hello guys.. mancalaDS v2.0 it’s almost complete.. i need only a theme song.. however, let’s see the improvements:

-Sprites Changed
-Added Animations (pretty cool)
-Added Sounds (mmm i haven’t found them on the net.. so i have to capture them plugging cable form line out to line in :\. infact they have a bit of noise)
-Everything is Mario’s Style, now.

How you can help me? Oh it’s simple! just send me sounds that are in the game (but without noise, high quality). mp3/wav/raw doesn’t make differences.

Video: boost up the volume

and now belongs to us! (MancalaDS v1.5 out!)

UPDATE 20061218 – 21.18
the “i’m not going to switch the screens, so you’ll got the menu all missed up” is now fixed. please redownload the game/sources. Thanks to ozroc for the report!

UPDATE 2.54am
i fixed some little graphic things and added some keys functionality. i think now it’s the true final v1.5.
Soooooo.. finally it’s done! wow, i made my first automata!
i’m enough tired, but it’s finished for now (do you remember? i promised new gfx..). now it has a skilled AI (easy and normal) so now you can play solo mode. another interesting function it’s the “watch a game” mode.. pretty useless, but i put it in for people that like to watch their nds while is playing alone (i’m one of them).

what else? oh well, the ai levels.
easy: ai first try to do the best capture move and if it isn’t available, do a random move
normal: ai first try to do a perfect move, then try the best capture move and if they aren’t available, do a random move
hard: i haven’t coded an hard level, beacuse it’s not so simple and maybe i’m missing knowledges and i don’t feel like doing it now.

i didn’t test it very well because i’m tired. i hope you will find bugs or improvements and then report them to me for a fix. i’ll fix them, promise 🙂

here it comes the download links.
MancalaDS v1.5
MancalaDS v1.5 Source Code

MancalaDS 1.5 nearly done

another night has nearly gone and mancalaDS it’s growing very fast.
This night i added the possibility to choose how many beans to start with. it was a gbarl user suggestion, at this time i can’t remember who asked for it. I predispose the game structure to fit the singleplayer game too. All it’s ready and working.. what it misses? the AI.. i think i could develop it well after some nice hours of sleep.

hey guys! take a look to tagDS it’s a very nice 2player game made by tassu. [download here]