and now belongs to us! (MancalaDS v1.5 out!)

UPDATE 20061218 – 21.18
the “i’m not going to switch the screens, so you’ll got the menu all missed up” is now fixed. please redownload the game/sources. Thanks to ozroc for the report!

UPDATE 2.54am
i fixed some little graphic things and added some keys functionality. i think now it’s the true final v1.5.
Soooooo.. finally it’s done! wow, i made my first automata!
i’m enough tired, but it’s finished for now (do you remember? i promised new gfx..). now it has a skilled AI (easy and normal) so now you can play solo mode. another interesting function it’s the “watch a game” mode.. pretty useless, but i put it in for people that like to watch their nds while is playing alone (i’m one of them).

what else? oh well, the ai levels.
easy: ai first try to do the best capture move and if it isn’t available, do a random move
normal: ai first try to do a perfect move, then try the best capture move and if they aren’t available, do a random move
hard: i haven’t coded an hard level, beacuse it’s not so simple and maybe i’m missing knowledges and i don’t feel like doing it now.

i didn’t test it very well because i’m tired. i hope you will find bugs or improvements and then report them to me for a fix. i’ll fix them, promise 🙂

here it comes the download links.
MancalaDS v1.5
MancalaDS v1.5 Source Code

4 thoughts on “and now belongs to us! (MancalaDS v1.5 out!)

  1. ozroc

    Well… I think I’ve found a little bug.

    When playing 2 player mode and the game ends with the screens (up and bottom) switched, the game goes back to main menu with screens still switched, so you have the menu on the non-touchable screen… and the same happens if you try to play again, You’re asked to play with the opponent’s holes in bottom screen… It’s such a quite rare bug, but easy to fix (I think).

    Hope you understand my poor explanation and my really bad English.

    Thanks for such a really great hb game.

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