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Number of questions in database

Language Easy Middle Hard Total
English count(“ENG”,1); ?> count(“ENG”,2); ?> count(“ENG”,3); ?> count(“ENG”,0); ?>
French count(“FRA”,1); ?> count(“FRA”,2); ?> count(“FRA”,3); ?> count(“FRA”,0); ?>
Spanish count(“SPA”,1); ?> count(“SPA”,2); ?> count(“SPA”,3); ?> count(“SPA”,0); ?>
Italian count(“ITA”,1); ?> count(“ITA”,2); ?> count(“ITA”,3); ?> count(“ITA”,0); ?>
German count(“GER”,1); ?> count(“GER”,2); ?> count(“GER”,3); ?> count(“GER”,0); ?>
Dutch count(“NLD”,1); ?> count(“NLD”,2); ?> count(“NLD”,3); ?> count(“NLD”,0); ?>
Total count(0,1); ?> count(0,2); ?> count(0,3); ?> count(0,0); ?>

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