Chiip Programmer

Yesterday night i did the chiip programmer:

  • if you don’t know how to cut the plastic, just use a red-hot knife
  • use thin wires. but not too much thin! (mine wires were too much thin. very difficult to solder in that small space)
  • study (before soldering) the components positions. remember that you’ll have to close that box!
  • if your socket’s pins are too short, solder wires to pins and then pass the wires inside the box

Well, now i just need one or two atmega8L8.. but i can’t find it in Rome.. if you want to help me, buy 1 or 2 atmega8L8 and send them to me. i’ll pay you for chips/shipping/time 🙂

Here some photos.

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  1. Boy

    How do I properly rseferh the CCC’ed CSS and JS files?My template files have already been rseferhed (using your tutorial’s method, thank you), but the CCC version of the CSS file and JS file is old.Put simply, if I turn CCC off, I see my latest CSS and JS code working. If I turn CCC on, then I see the visual and functional result of my old CSS and JS code.This happenned once before and I tried to delete just the old CCC files beign loaded from themes/mytheme/cache. That was a really bad move, but I’ve blocked the details from my memory.Any advice or directions?

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