Game Specifications (i’ll develop them in next months)

  • Realistic Ask-Audience help DONE!
  • 50-50 help DONE!
  • Pseudo-real “phone-a-friend” help DONE!
  • Shuffle answers DONE!
  • Difficulty change during the game DONE!
  • DLDI support DONE!
  • Very fast loading questions from huge files DONE!
  • Internet Updates DONE!
  • Cute gfx DONE!
  • Skins Support
  • Sound Effect
  • Maybe some music theme?! (not confirmed)
  • Maybe some gfx effects (alpha/zoom)

How to run this game

  • Download the zip
  • Download the questions’ file
  • Extract the zip inside the root folder of your flashcard
  • Open the WWTBAFM folder (that is placed inside the root folder of your flashcard)
  • Patch the right rom for your flashcard with latest DLDI and delete the others
  • Put the questions’ file inside the WWTBAFM folder (‘questions.txt’ must be the correct name of the file!)
  • Play it!


Thanks to

Mollusk for constantly update PAlib
Derula for his regular expression and his patience
Lino for his really good emulator
Koda for his support and ideas
SephZero for his gfx that will never be ready in time 😛
Aurelio the bug-finder!
You if you have added a question 😛

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