An old idea for a new project..

yesterday, when i was having a shower, i had some brilliant ideas to recycle the famous television game: “who wants to be a milionare” and port it to ds.
The project will be called: WWTBAFM and the extra F stands for “fake” because no money will be earn by players 🙂

these are the specifications for the game i’ll develop in next months:
– DLDI support for external file (that will content questions and language files)
– Cute gfx totally inspired by the television program
– Sound Effect
– Maybe some music theme?! (not confirmed)
– Maybe some gfx effects (alpha/zoom).
– Maybe Internet Automatic Updates
– And last, because i don’t know if i can do it, voice recognition in one aspect of the game.

Yours ideas and opinions will be taken in consideration

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