improving the md5 encryption!

hello guys 🙂 today i studied a very simple method to improve the md5 protection against all available vocabulary attacks that are popping out in these months.
it’s very simple. it consists of add 2 or more md5 hash (for example, the password plus username plus date of registration) char by char.

now we got a new hash string that doesn’t appears like a normal hash (isn’t hexadecimal). so what we need to do now? simple! just re-encrypt this strange hash.

now we got particular hash that can’t return in any way the username nor password nor date of registration.

here’s the sample code:

<form method=”post”>
username: <input name=”username”> <br>
password: <input name=”password”><br>
<input name=”data”><br>




echo “hash di “.$username.”: “.$md5username.”<br>”;
echo “hash di “.$password.”: “.$md5password.”<br>”;
echo “hash di “.$data.”: “.$md5data.”<br>”;
echo “somma degli hash: “.$sum.”<br>”;
echo “hash della somma: “.$hash.”<br>”;

LOGIN <br>
username: <input name=”l1″> <br>
password: <input name=”l2″><br>
<input name=”l3″><br>
<input type=”submit”><br>






if ($hashl4==$hash) echo “login succesful”;
else echo “login denied”;


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