New nds games for Christmas

hello guys.. i’m developing 2 new little games for nds..
first: MancalaDS
second: ShowMeTheMoney.

First, what the fuck is Mancala? Mancala is an ancient game played by Egyptians. It has many names like Bantumi, Kalah, etc.. It appears also on the legendary (and ancient) Nokia 3310 as a game. I fallen in love with this game when my father bought that mobile phone.
MancalaDS it’s finished, i have to solve just a bug on 2 sprites, but it’s done! the version 1.0 will be out today for sure (maybe not before 10-12 hours.. i need to sleep!)
The good thing is that MancalaDS is a very nice and simple strategic game and this version it’s for 2 player on the same nds.
Another good thing it’s that i’m planning to do an AI for this game.
Another (and last) good thing about this game is that i planned to use a better gfx but it’s still in development (cool effects need more time to be coded).
So i can show you a screen of this MancalaDS.. it’s on the right side of this post.
That’s all for MancalaDS. for now.

This second game it’s an adaptation to nds of the american tv show “Show Me The Money”/italian show “Tutto per Tutto”. This is not an ability game. It’s all fortune based. here, you can read the plot of “Show Me The Money” show, so you can figure out what this game is.
The engine of this game it’s done, but i need to craft a lot of missing graphic/sprites. Two people said “we’ll give you a hand with gfx and sound effects” (those are Dexther (sound) and krad (graphic) on gbarl) a week ago, but i didn’t see anything till today. I think that if they wouldn’t help me, i’ll put this game on “pause” until MancalaDS is finished.

So, that’s all for tonight. i’m very tired. see you around and feel free to reply whatever you want. bye.

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